Feed Your Fertile Body™

Seeking to get pregnant? Want to equip your body to best manage the changes and fluctuations that come with pregnancy? This program focuses on doing just that through nutrition.

Feed Your Pregnant Body™

Looking for a program that equips you with the best evidence-based, scientific information for you and your growing baby? FYPB tackles topics such as managing fatigue, morning sickness, nutrition, and more to help you have a healthy pregnancy and feel your best.

Feed Your Growing Family™

A program designed to support mom and baby during the first year after birth. Learn nutritional and lifestyle tips to restore your body during the ever important fourth trimester.

1:1 Nutritional Therapy

Is there a health concern keeping you from performing your best? Maybe you need support tackling a health goal once and for all. If so, one on one Nutritional Therapy will tailor a plan specific to your bio-individual needs.

Clases en Español

Le interesa un programa o tema pero no domina bien el Ingles? Periodicamente ofrezco una variedad de cursos y clases completamente en Español. 

Coming Soon

As a Latina, part of my vision is to give back to the minority community. Follow my journey as I develop programming specifically geared toward this population.