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conception, pregnancy, delivery and beyond. 

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1:1 Nutritional Therapy

Do you feel fatigued, bloated, constantly fighting cravings? Is there a health concern keeping you from performing your best? If so, Nutritional Therapy can help. I utilize tools combined with my expertise to tailor a plan specific to your bio-individual needs.

Pregnancy Support

Looking for a program that equips you with the best evidence-based, scientific information for you and your growing baby or baby to be? Look no further. Our programs tackle each phase of pregnancy to help you thrive.

Spanish Services

Serving the Hispanic community by offering our courses in Spanish. Sirviendo la comunidad Latina con nuestros cursos en Español. Class offerings graudually being updated.

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About Me

What started out as my journey towards healing unveiled a passion for nutrition I didn’t know existed. I experienced firsthand the power of healing through whole food. Now, I am passionate about helping families heal and equipping them with the knowledge to impact this generation and the next.