Feed Your Fertile Body™

Feed Your Fertile Body is designed for those desiring to grow their family. Unfortunately, in today’s health economy, women are often stressed and exposed to a variety of toxins that, unbeknownst to them, make it harder to conceive.

The six-week program will guide you through vital information and tools in order to strengthen fertility in women and men alike. A strong focus will be on food and nutrition with lifestyle recommendations spread throughout the course. It is the first program in the Feed Your Body Grow Your Family™ Suite by Sara Russell, Ph.D, NTP, CGP.

  • Navigate a module each week followed by a 90min session led by yours truly.
  • Choose from group sessions or a one-on-one format.
  • Classes are offered in-person or virtually at scheduled intervals throughout the year.

Course Breakdown

The best kept secrets about fats and fertility.

Sugar, not such a sweet deal.

The how and why of proper food preparation.

Boosting fertility by decreasing inflammation including allergic reactions.

Improving protein digestion and mineral absorption. 

Generational effects of intestinal and vaginal microbiota.

Quick reference guides, cookbook, diet guides, and many more additional resources

Group Classes

Groups of 3 to 6 people per session. Includes the following:


1:1 Format

Personalized approach to target specific needs. Includes the following: